Sadie Slasher aka "Slasher Slice"

The flick of a blade, the cut of a wheel, the flash of her skirt, Sadie Slasher will leave you bleeding on the track. It'll be worth it though, cause this sexy pin-up wouldn't give you the time of day otherwise. Likes: knives, broken hearts, explosives and Betty Grable Dislikes: wire hangers, cheap champagne and the sound of your voice

  Tuf Luv aka "Tuf Slice"

This cute little package is one tough lady. Tuf Luv gives new meaning to the phrase "Love Hurts" with her pint sized power packed hits and quick thinking. Tuf will have you falling head over heels in luv as your head hits the track and she skates by you. Ain't no love like Tuf Luv.

  Madly Knox aka "Madly Slice"

After her reign of murder and mayhem from Colorado to New Mexico, Knox needed a place to hide out. She found a home amongst the E-Ville ladies who welcomed her and her urge to SMASH s**t up! They curbed her desire to pull out her shotgun with blocks, hits and fishnets. Knox found a new love and they call it Roller Derby. Blood? Bruises? Bring it on, cause this crazy but sweet looking girl is ready to Knock You Out.

Hwy 666
  Veronica Mar

  Megzilla aka "Slicezilla"

Megzilla was once a nice girl from the heart of B.C. but when she came across the Alberta border and discovered a batch of radioactive waste, good turned to eville. Many cities were left destroyed and devastated by her wrath. To save the people the Canadian Military relocated her to E-Ville Roller Derby where they have since trained her to channel her anger to hips, whips and hits - watch out!


X-Box does not play X-Box


Time is wasting...

tick tock...

tick tock...

  Madam Bish aka "Bishy Slice"

You will comply! Your only answer will be yes Madam Bish and you will like it. Your only question will be can you hit me again Madam Bish? Her likes: leather, Air Supply, Poetry, long walks, and poking dead things with a stick. Dislikes: Disobedience. Hobbies: Snapping the heads off teddy bears with her bull whip.

  Shewanna Slamm'er

Her name leaves nothing to interpretation. She knows what she wants! She wanna SLAM her! Her likes include tattoos and bulldogs. Her dislikes: mimes and winter.

  Dragstrip Dolly

1/4 Mile
  Belle Rebelle

Belle Rebelle had a childhood steeped in manners and Southern Comfort. She enrolled in Miss Magnolia Peachtree's Finishing School where, after being hazed as a freshman, Belle learned a new meaning for the phrase "act like a lady." Belle blazed a trail from Miss Magnolia's straight to the flat-track and has been putting the hospital in Southern hospitality ever since.