Portia de Saucy

  Grace Bones
Assistant Captain


  Succubus aka "Diva"

Bored of seducing men, Succubus' tail perked up at the mention of a new sport. She feels right at home with the E-ville league and is constantly searching for her next victim in the crowd. Keep in mind, I wouldn't bother with this Black Gold Digger if you aren't willing to pay the cost; she isn't going to waste any of her resources on you unless you're worth it.

  Winnie the Puta

Her name could be misleading; Winnie may remind you of a gentle bear, but Puta can be a real bitch! She can take the hardest hits, and you might think she is down, but don't turn your back because she is spring loaded and is back up in seconds flying like a G6. Likes- Black eyeliner, and holes in the other teams pack. Dislikes- slippery wheels,and Christopher Robin.

  Edge Loop

  Mia Couga

In a blur of fishnets and booty shorts, Mia Couga is a predator looking to conquer. Don't let her baby blues, innocent smile and playful purr fool you.this Couga is wild and dangerous, a fierce prowess looking for her prey on and off the track. Likes: Animal Print, Stillettos, Red Nailpolish, Clubbing and Boy Toys. Dislikes: Curfews, Pumas, Cheap Cologne and Playing hard to get.

25 & Under

Don't be fooled by those eyes, she may look sweet and innocent but there's only one way to find out. Catch her stare long enough and with the swing of her hips you will end up on the floor.

  Scrappy Hooker

With hook and yarn in hand Scrappy searched the internet for her next crochet project when she came across some photos of fast skating, hard hits, booty blocking and fishnet bruises. She became wild with excitement and put down her hook and yarn in search of these E-Ville women. On the track she's sure to be your source of frustration as she uses that booty she was born with to sit on you. Oh, and don't let her girl next door looks fool ya, she's anything but... Likes: tattoos, piercings, booty blocking, hooks and yarn Dislikes: losing my toe stops, running out of yarn

  Zell Razer