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To ensure that new skaters get the individual attention needed when learning to skate and play roller derby, we now only accept new skaters at certain intervals throughout the year. If you are new to roller derby you are required to complete an 8 week training program before you are considered a Raw Zombie (our team of girls honing their skills while they await their time to be drafted onto one of our four house teams). After the 8 weeks you will be tested on your skills and either moved to the Raw Zombies or recommended to repeat the program to gain a better grasp on the minimum skill requirements.

The program is designed to be accessible to women of all skill levels, even if you have not put on roller skates for years (or ever)!

We are also recruiting men or women interested in reffing! To be eligible you just need to be 18+ and have a willingness to work hard and learn.

Please contact Thrashinista ( to find out more or register for the next start date.

All skaters must purchase the following equipment prior to starting the program:
Knee pads
Elbow pads
Wrist guards
Quad roller skates
Mouth guard

Why E-Ville?
We are currently the largest (and still growing!) roller derby league in Alberta. We have public bouts and league scrimmages monthly ensuring our skaters many opportunities to play. For those with a more competitive edge, our travel team (the E-Ville Dead) holds try outs quarterly to find the best girls from all the teams to play teams across Canada and internationally.