How To Play

Basics of the game

A game is called a bout, and consists of two 30 minute halves. The periods of play are called a jam.

Each team has five players on the track per jam for a total of ten skaters. There are four blockers from each team and one jammer from each team. The jammers are the skaters who score the points, and they wear a star on their helmet to differentiate them from everyone else. The job of the blockers is to help their jammer through the pack, while trying to stop the other jammer from getting through. One blocker from each team is called the pivot. They wear a stripe on their helmet and act like a quarterback, telling the other blockers what to do, run plays and control the pace of the pack.

The jammer's first time through the pack gets them no points, but every subsequent time through earns them a point for each member of the opposing team they pass.

The lead jammer is the first jammer to get through the pack without committing a penalty. Referees will signify lead jammer status with one short whistle blast and by pointing to the jammer. The lead jammer has to power to either let the jam run for its full two minutes or "call it off" by placing her hands on the hips. This is a strategic move to stop the other jammer from scoring points.

One long whistle blast signals the beginning of a jam and for the pack to start skating. Two short whistle blasts are blown to signal the jammer start. Four whistle blasts signal the end of the jam.

Penalties to look for

. Grabbing or use of hands
. Blocking with forearms
. Tripping, kicking, or blocking with feet/legs
. Pushing, shoving, punching or holding
. Swinging or jabbing elbows
. Blocking with the head
. Blocking a jammer while twenty feet ahead or behind the pack
. Hitting from behind