E-Ville Roller Derby was formed in 2006 by a group of pioneering women intent on promoting an active lifestyle and encouraging alternative sporting options for women in Edmonton and surrounding communities.

E-Ville is developing the next generation of derby athletes. Our goal is to teach and develop skating skills, game strategy and teamwork providing sportswomanship in a supervised structure. The league is proud member of the Canadian Women's Roller Derby Association. Among this association's goals are to promote the game now played on flat track, acquisto cialis dal sortule.com online, provide knowledge to the public about how the game is played and advertise any games played by the above leagues.

Today, E-Ville has grown beyond anyone's wildest imagination. In 2010, a fourth house team, the Berzerkhers, was added to the league. They joined the 2009 addition--the Slice Girls, as well as founding teams, the Black Gold Diggers and Los Pistolitas. Each season the house teams compete for the Gage Cup. This game was named in honor of our biggest fan, who left us too soon.

Culled from the best players from the four house teams, the E-Ville Dead are our all-star travel team. The Dead have travelled across Canada and the US. All league members have the opportunity to try out for the Dead.

The momentum just keeps growing for E-Ville. We are Edmonton's largest and most popular roller derby league. In October 2010, we introduced our first Fresh Meat program, followed by another intake group in January 2011. Our new intake groups have doubled our membership, helping the teams add to their rosters and fostering an exciting new direction for derby in Edmonton.

During the regular season we bout monthly, playing to hundreds of fans at sold-out games. Check out our events page for details.